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Mark Wittoncom Blog New paper when the shortnecked giant
In an ideal world, all blog posts would start with images like this one. (Edited talk title slide I used back at SVPCA 2013 - we've been working on the ...
Neck lengths in large and giant azhdarchids. A and B show Hatzegopteryx in lateral and dorsal aspect (B shows EME 315 and the holotype jaw bones only, ...
Mark Witton.com Blog: New paper: when the short-necked, giant azhdarchid pterosaur Hatzegopteryx ruled Late Cretaceous Romania Just how does our new ' ...
Mark Witton.com Blog: New paper: when the short-necked, giant azhdarchid pterosaur Hatzegopteryx ruled Late Cretaceous Romania
Mark Witton.com Blog
Trunk or no trunk, small or giant ears, long or short neck... what did the giant rhinocerotoid Paraceratherium really look like?
Mark Witton.com Blog: New paper: when the short-necked, giant azhdarchid pterosaur Hatzegopteryx ruled Late Cretaceous Romania
Miocene pelagornithid Pelagornis chilensis parents and chicks, what fantastic animals they must have been. Note the lack of pseudoteeth on the chicks, ...
Mark Witton.com Blog: New paper: when the short-necked, giant azhdarchid pterosaur Hatzegopteryx ruled Late Cretaceous Romania
Deinosuchus rugosus swallows the remains of a large Cretaceous sea turtle. Other archosaurs notice, decide to interrupt.
Helveticosaurus zollingeri, one of those strange Triassic marine reptiles that no-one ever talks about, wrestling in a coastal swamp.
Short-necked azhdarchid pterosaurs - say what?
A mural for Dippy: restoring a celebrity Diplodocus in art
More new-old art: Therizinosaurus, superpigeon, and Polacanthus, walking coffee table
Quetzalcoatlus: the media concept vs. the science
Mark Witton.com Blog: New paper: when the short-necked, giant azhdarchid pterosaur Hatzegopteryx ruled Late Cretaceous Romania
Where next for the Jurassic Park movies?
They're reptiles Jim, but not as we know them
Quick painting of Polyphemus, the Homeric cyclops, taking very literal inspiration from elephant face anatomy in reference to the well-known idea that ...
In just under a month I have a new book out: The Palaeoartist's Handbook: Recreating Prehistoric Animals in Art, published by Crowood Press. This is a big ...
Plateosaurus engelhardti restored as a) speculatively filamented and b) speculatively smelly (note the cloud of insects buzzing around its head).
The undignified end to the life of a large (6m wingspan) azhdarchid: being squabbled over by Saurornitholestes and other local ruffians.
Sadly, I've been too busy this week to synchronise posting of the image above with the wave of publicity now surrounding Vectidraco daisymorrisae, the new ...
Just how big was Helveticosaurus? It's hard to say without a complete specimen, but the individual represented by the holotype skeleton clearly exceeded the ...
Jurassic plesiosauroid Plesiosaurus dolichodeirus with a controversially dipped left hindfin. Nothing like a little drama to start a blog post.
Europasaurus holgeri - twice. These portraits are of the same animal using the same specimen and the same view, but one is restored with extreme ...
Mark Witton.com Blog: New paper: pterosaur palaeoecology, as told by the fossil record | Pterosauria | Pinterest | Paper, Fossil and Blog
Enter: a new small, latest Cretaceous pterosaur specimen to get excited about
Why we think giant pterosaurs could fly
Whether it's a giant armoured thyreophoran like Panoplosaurus mirus (thanks to the Empress of Ankylosauria, Victoria Arbour, for advice on this restoration) ...
Finally, my long promised palaeoart book Recreating an Age of Reptiles is available from online retailers! Conceived as a short, 'how long can it take to ...
Did tyrannosaurs smile like crocodiles? A discussion of cranial epidermal correlates in tyrannosaurid dinosaurs
Pelagornithid primary wing feather impressions associated with the holotype of Pelagornis orri. It's not known is these represent the longest feathers of ...
A new book, Recreating an Age of Reptiles, coming this Autumn
Dinosaurs in the Wild: a review
You've come a long way, baby
Pterosaur humeral scaling: as pterosaurs got bigger, their wing bones and joints expanded disproportionately to accommodate greater stresses incurred in ...
Ratios of limb bone strength in birds and pterosaurs. Positive values trend towards strength in humeri vs. femora, while negative values skew towards ...
Kap Dwa, the Twelve Foot Tall, Two Headed Giant from Patagonia
Mark Witton.com Blog: Quetzalcoatlus: the media concept vs. the science Reptiles
Mark Witton.com Blog: The 'Pteranodon complex' and dismantling our understanding of
By Mark Witton. Check out the Mark Witton.com Blog for an article on the appearance and lifestyle of Thalassodromeus.
Mark Witton.com Blog: Skin-deep: the 'One Skin Fits All
Mark Witton.com Blog: Azhdarchid pterosaurs: 'terrestrial stalkers' or pelican-
New Flying Reptile Found in "Unprecedented" Pterosaur Boneyard Prehistoric Creatures, Fossils, Reptiles
Mark Witton.com Blog: The markwitton.com H. P. Lovecraft Halloween Special Science Fiction
Mark Witton.com Blog: Revenge of the scaly Tyrannosaurus
Mark Witton.com Blog: Why Dimorphodon macronyx is one of the coolest pterosaurs Dinosaur
"Oh, I see you're putting movie easter eggs in this post now too. This is why no professional blogging platform will pick you up."
A selection of pterosaur foraging traces - beak tip impressions and scrape marks - from Jurassic and Cretaceous sites. The black-filled elements are the ...
La Directora General de Políticas Culturales de la Junta, Mar Sancho, presentando nuestra nueva
FIGURE 10: Caiuajara dobruskii gen. et sp. nov., reconstruction of shapes
Pterosaur Family Tree by Mark Witton Prehistoric Creatures, Reptiles, Caption, Relationships, Skull
"In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming Mark Witton.
I'll be providing a framed version of the above work as a lot for sale - check out the Cumberland House Natural History Museum Friends Facebook page for the ...
Mark Witton.com Blog: The 'Pteranodon complex' and dismantling our understanding of
Mark Witton.com Blog: On Jurassic World and real 'raptors': Velociraptor
Pteroformer: Quadrupedal Launching In Bats And Pterosaurs
How might we predict shrink-wrapping in fossil animals without good soft-tissue remains? It's challenging, but these attributes might give a general idea.
The success of dinosaurs in the public eye almost certainly reflects many varied influences, but their unique anatomical qualities may play an important ...
PV M 8463, the most famous of all Arsinoitherium skulls, as illustrated in Andrews (1906). Note the dotted lines across the horns - they mark the end of the ...
If, via aid of flux capacitored DeLorean, I was consulting for my own azhdarchid art from 2008, I could make lots of suggestions for improvement on purely ...
I have to admit that I'm as guilty as anyone in not been kind to Arambourgiania. In Witton (2010), a paper on the history of giant pterosaur discoveries, ...
I don't need to rest much myself, because this blog is sponsored by Patreon
Note the branching neurovascular impressions and deep grooves that mark the position of keratinous sheaths - we would predict a compound beak from these ...
Excellent fossils show that animals like the Cretaceous mammal Spinolestes xenarthrosus had regionalised integument variation, just like modern species.
Holotypes of giant azhdarchids. A, Arambourgiania philadelphiae, B, Q. northropi (humerus only, the other holotype wing elements have never been published) ...
Branching neurovascular networks on the Thalassodromeus crest - this is the region above the eye and posterior end of the nasoantorbital fenestra.
A female Pteranodon tries to explain the new Silverstone et al. (2017) paper on Pteranodon taxonomy to the Cretaceous shark Squalicorax.
Our PR art for the new paper, where a group of Hornby azhdarchoids perform guerrilla raids on shore-living Campanian bird nests. Take THAT, birds.
Quetzalcoatlus Northropi model next to a 1.8m (5'11") man. The largest known flying animal that ever existed.
To whet your appetite further, here's the full set of adverts that I put out for the book on Twitter. They set the tone for the book pretty well.
Thalassodromeus sethi skull elements as figured in Witton (2013). Note how the holotype skull is a giant jigsaw with well- and ill-fitting elements.
Scaly, minimally-filamented Tyrannosaurus. There's some tufts on the neck, but that's it. Is this model more consistent with the thermoregulatory ...
How to Pronounce pteranodontidae - American
Lower Cretaceous rebbachisaurids and giant sauropod 'Angloposeidon' look for water in this desiccating Wealden lake.
Despite the best efforts of many scientists, the public at large seem to associate dinosaurs with considerably outdated interpretations and monstrous ...
William Stout's Quetzalcoatlus, posted at Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs, has to be the most shrink-wrapped being ever rendered in paleoart.
How To Pronounce Pteranodontidae
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Comet Darner (Anax longipes) / © Bryan Pfeiffer
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Quetzalcoatlus Vs Pterodactyl 88234 | LOADTVE
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Azhdarchid Skeleton download
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